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ESRI Carto SIG "Top 10" Issues - summary   Dan Lee Oct 21, 2005
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Subject ESRI Carto SIG "Top 10" Issues - summary 
Author Dan Lee 
Date Oct 21, 2005 
Message Carto SIG "Top 10" Issues

This "Top-10" list (actually 11 items) of cartographic software development issues was gathered at the ESRI Carto SIG meeting in San Diego (ESRI UC 2005).

The listing can hardly be called definitive as it came together in a bit of haste. As well, it is probably overly general as more emphasis was put on getting issues noted rather than fleshing them out. Nonetheless, it is hopefully a start which can develop into a useful means of the SIG communicating with the ESRI Cartography Team about software development/enhancement issues and directions.

The listing is not sorted in any priority, reflecting more the order that issues were brought up during the meeting.

The issues raised were:

1) Data models for cartography
2) Generalization strategies
3) Illustrator-like interactive editing
4) ArcView 3-like project files
5) Improved layering of Adobe Illustrator output
6) Improved rasterization of print graphic files
7) Easier/quicker propagation of map symbols
8) Full support for CMYK color model including spot colors
9) Specific cartographic functionality from extensions were seen as expensive
10) Improved handling of map series
11) A single robust text feature format usable in all ESRI software

Each of these issues is described in a separate posting, together with comments by the ESRI Carto Team.

Posting of follow-up comments on issues is welcomed.

Issues were collected by:
David Figueroa (User Lead for ESRI Carto SIG)

Responses were collated by:
Paul Hardy (ESRI Product Manager for Cartography)