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HEC-GEOHMS -COM object with CLSID {} either...   Raaj - Jan 31, 2008
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Subject HEC-GEOHMS -COM object with CLSID {} either not valid or not registered error 
Author Raaj - 
Date Jan 31, 2008 
Message I am kindly requesting the users to help me to overcome the following error issue.

*Platform:* I am working with HEC GeoHMS (4.1 beta) tools in Arc GIS 9.1 version.

While creating my own files in GeoHMS, I had encountered a problem as mentioned below.

When I try to create background map and Basin file for HMS modeling, it started giving exception "COM object with CLSID {} either not valid or not registered". I don't have any idea why this is happening.

Kindly suggest me some ideas to overcome this problem.

I wish to convey my advances thanks for the anticipated help.

Looking forward for the reply!