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OLE DB Connection in Linux   JON KWONG Jul 01, 2009
Re: OLE DB Connection in Linux   Emeline Renz Feb 04, 2010
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Subject OLE DB Connection in Linux 
Date Jul 01, 2009 
Message Hi,

I have a geoprocessing service that connects to an Oracle instance via OLE DB, but the service fails to run with the error code 000732. The ArcGIS Server runs in Red Hat Linux.
I understand that the OLE DB provider for Oracle is not supported in Linux machine.

The geoprocessing supposed to sync data from the Oracle database to an ArcSDE. Both are installed in the same database server, separate instance.

What are the possible workarounds for the OLE DB connection limitation? Is there an ODBC driver that works for both Windows and Linux?

Please advise.

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Subject Re: OLE DB Connection in Linux 
Author Emeline Renz 
Date Feb 04, 2010 
Message Joins that use ODBC/OLE DB connections on Windows are not supported by the ArcMap server on Unix (ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server). ArcObjects rely on OLE DB libraries to access data when connecting to databases directly. However, OLE DB libraries are currently not implemented on Linux or Solaris.

Here are some alternative suggestions:

1. If size of the data permits, the table could be referenced as a DBF file, which is periodically updated (by an operating system scheduled task, for example) from the MySQL table. In such case, a non-pooled service should be used to get the map data updated upon each session.

2. Your table data could be managed by a database system which is supported by SDE. If you require an open-source database system, PostgreSQL could serve such task.