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showInfoWindow / i...   Frank M Mar 16, 2010
Re: showInfoWindow /   Casey Bentz Mar 16, 2010
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Subject showInfoWindow / issue 
Author Frank M 
Date Mar 16, 2010 
Message Hi,
I've been working on this almost all day long... When the mouse goes over my graphic, it shows a 'infoWindow' popup using the showInfoWindow(infoData) function.

However, if I try to remove it when using a mouseOut event, it's goes buggy. It shows up and hide the infoWindow really fast in loop, even if I don't move my mouse. What is wrong with that?

I also want to know what is the difference between showInfoWindow et I've been trying to use the second one ( and I get errors. There is so little documentation that I can't find what both of these are actually doing or why I get error with one but not the other...

That's pretty much what I'm trying to do :

But the sample uses 'import com.esri.ags.samples.InfoWindowRollOverContent;' that is not in the API... How am I suppose to do something with this?

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Subject Re: showInfoWindow / issue 
Author Casey Bentz 
Date Mar 16, 2010 
Message If you look at that sample, there is a tab at the top for the InfoWindowRollOverContent. If you create a new mxml component, as vbox, you should be able to copy and paste the code. There will be a little clean up unless you name a series of folders called com --> esri --> ags --> samples

As for the crazy loop, you could add a timeout type delay on the mouse over, see included code below. Or you could just force the user to close the popup with a close button.

private var hitimer:uint;

private function mouseOverRecord(event:MouseEvent):void
				var infoData:Object = event.currentTarget.infoData;
				hitimer = setTimeout(showHighlight, 800, [infoData]);

private function mouseOutRecord():void
				lastGra = null;