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Regarding System Requirements   Organized Chaos Jan 28, 2009
Re: Regarding System Requirements   Bern Szukalski Feb 04, 2009
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Subject Regarding System Requirements 
Author Organized Chaos 
Date Jan 28, 2009 
Message Is it possible to install
ArcExplorer 9.3 - Java Edition
on a Mac?

On the sys requirements, it says that you can install on Windows, Unix and Linux.

Since the underlying op sys for Macs is Unix, I didn't know if Macs were covered by this.

Finally, assuming the worst for a moment (that it is not supported) is the only version available the older ArcExplorer - Java Edition for Education?

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Subject Re: Regarding System Requirements 
Author Bern Szukalski 
Date Feb 04, 2009 
Message You're on the wrong forum here, this is for ArcGIS Explorer, not ArcExplorer. But the version of ArcExplorer you're asking about is commonly called AEJEE (pronounced "edgie") and is commonly used in the education community because it's a good instructional tool that does run on a Mac. Head on over to the Education Community site at:
where you'll find more information on AEJEE. The AEJEE site here:
also has some specifics, including links to FAQs, blogs, and other AEJEE-specific resources.