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Arc SDE Oracle 10.1 (G) AIX 5.2 Metadata In...   John Macready Nov 09, 2005
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Subject Arc SDE Oracle 10.1 (G) AIX 5.2 Metadata Index 
Author John Macready 
Date Nov 09, 2005 
Message Hi
I am currently in the process of upgrading our Arc SDE software from Arc SDE 8.3 (Oracle 9i)
to Arc SDE 9.1 (Oracle 10.1 (G). as part of this upgrade we are migrating our metadata
catalog so using the MDExport.exe and MDImport.exe commands we completed the Import and
Export of the Metadata Catalogs however when we tried to recreate the indexes using the
aimsmetaindx.exe everything completed sucessfully but when we try to do a metadata
search we are unable to retrive any results while using the "full search" option.
'Oracle Text'is installed and tested and execute permission has been granted to the
metadata user/owner on ctx_ddl. We suspect that the index has not been
rebuilt correctly. If anyone has experienced similar problems I would appreciate
your assistance.

Regards John Macready