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load_buffer error -51   Sherrie Kubis Mar 13, 2002
Re: load_buffer error -51   George Schenk Mar 20, 2002
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Subject load_buffer error -51 
Author Sherrie Kubis 
Date Mar 13, 2002 
Message My sde.errlog has rows with this error:

load_buffer error -51

What is this error? I have not found a location where things like this can be found. Is there a standard error list and suggested actions? 
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Subject Re: load_buffer error -51 
Author George Schenk 
Date Mar 20, 2002 
Message Information about the ArcSDE error codes can be found in the sdehelp.chm file in one of the standard ArcSDE doc directories. The path IN the help file is:

developer interfaces --> C API function reference --> return codes.

And if you look in the error codes list you will find that the (-51) error is the least informative of all. (-51) means that something went wrong in the underlying RDBMS.... .

Start tracing in the database and check the trace files
Add the SDEVERBOSE=TRUE entry to the dbinit.sde and check out the giomgr.log and sde.errlog files. Check them out anyway.