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ArcInfo vs. ArcView   Beth Weinstein Jul 28, 1999
(no subject)   Jackie Kaiser Jul 29, 1999
ArcView vs Arc/Info   Blaine Hackett Jul 29, 1999
ArcInfo vs. ArcView   Rick Burgess Aug 03, 1999
AV/AI   Richard Sperling Aug 03, 1999
(no subject)   Robert White Aug 05, 1999
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Subject ArcInfo vs. ArcView 
Author Beth Weinstein 
Date Jul 28, 1999 
Message What is the difference between ArcView and ArcInfo? 
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Subject (no subject) 
Author Jackie Kaiser 
Date Jul 29, 1999 
Message Besides the price tag?

ArcInfo has been around probably 12 plus years. It was developed to run on unix and was syntax driven (command line). It had the capability of doing raster and vector GIS. It has since then been deveoped to be more user friendly, though it can be said it is still not user friendly. It has been referred to as the cadillac of GIS systems. It has more data editing, manipulation, statistical analysis and modeling then ArcView. It allows the mainpulation of very large data files. It has the capability of in-putting new data layers but I still prefer a third party software for digitizing and cleaning and building of data sets.

ArcView was developed with the idea that it would give GIS capability to non-GIS users. At first it was more a viewer of data from which you could do simple queries and produce maps. It has now progressed to the point where you can do data edits and maipulation but still with limitations. Applications can either be developed or third party appl. bought which enhance ArcView, but there is limitations still to what ArcView can do. As for creation of new data sets you need ArcInfo or a third party software to actually create the data sets. Though I have done extensive digitizing off aerials within ArcView. Also, the functionality of ArcView is dependent on the experience of the end user and the use of and knowledge of applications and extensions.

This of course is my opinion and should you want more of comparrison of features it would probably be best to get with your regional representative from ESRI.

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Subject ArcView vs Arc/Info 
Author Blaine Hackett 
Date Jul 29, 1999 
Message Hi

It seems to me that coverage are much more stable than
shapefiles. I have not had many experiences with a coverage becoming corrupt and not repairable but shape files seem to get corrupt all the time.

I'll be honest, I use ArcView much more than I use AI now.
However, I usually use coverages and do any manipulation
in AI. This may seem awkward but I like working with

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Subject ArcInfo vs. ArcView 
Author Rick Burgess 
Date Aug 03, 1999 
Message I am not an expert but I have an opinion to offer.
I have asked some folks that I consider to be experts and the differences that seem to be the most important are:
Arc/INFO handles thematic information all at once and
ArcView only handles one theme at a time and they must be the same type. (lines or points or polygons).
Arc/INFO creates and understands topology and ArcView does not, at least in a practical way.
I believe these comments are correct but they are my interpretation of explanations I have gotten from others.
The way Arc/INFO handles annotations is also a major difference.
I am sure there are other differences which are important. 
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Subject AV/AI 
Author Richard Sperling 
Date Aug 03, 1999 
Message Arc Info is an extremely powerful tool when used in the unix environment. The AML language allows for the building of geographic analyses and models which could not be supported by PC/NT ArcView.

For me the most frustrating thing about ArcView is the limited editing capability for raster and TIN data, and the lack of the .prj file forund in ArcInfo coverages. I have to agree with another submitter that I work with coverages in arcview, avoiding shapefiles unless I really need to use them.

The fact is, however, that ArcView does what MOST users need from a GIS. That is why it is such a wonderful tool. 
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Subject (no subject) 
Author Robert White 
Date Aug 05, 1999 
Message A very significant difference between Arc/Info and Arcview is that the former manages coverage arc/node
topology and the latter does not. Given an Arc/Info coverage with arc and polygon topology, it is possible (for
example) to generate a polygon adjacency list that can be used to establish contiguity and other adjacency
relationships. This data is accessible to an Arcview user, given a coverage to start with, but if the shapefile version
is edited topology must be managed manually. In Arc/Info, commands such as BUILD, CLEAN, IDENTITY, and
so on automatically manage the topological relationships among a collection of edited polygons. This is not the
case with Arcview.