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ArcView 3.2 on 64 bit w/Win7   Paul Drysdale Mar 12, 2010
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Subject ArcView 3.2 on 64 bit w/Win7 
Author Paul Drysdale 
Date Mar 12, 2010 
Message I've been able to copy and paste AV onto my 64 bit Win7 computer. Although I did not utilize all of the procedures in some of the previous posts, the file opens and works somewhat. There are some items that I cannot get to work.

Icons - I cannot get the normal icons to show up. Instead I get various other random symbols. I've tried steps shown in other threads (i.e. pasting files to the font file, using the pallet to load the "default.avl" file, etc. I cannot get this to work. All other line and color features work.

ECW Images - Arcview will not load and recognize them.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm thinking if I want to have trouble free computing I need to find an older computer system and scrap the so called upgrade computer?