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Plotting Strikes and Dips for a geological...   Julian Wiggins Feb 28, 2001
strike and dips   Tim R Mar 07, 2001
strikes and dips   Tim R Mar 14, 2001
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Subject Plotting Strikes and Dips for a geological map 
Author Julian Wiggins 
Date Feb 28, 2001 
Message Does anybody know how to get arc view to plot strikes and dips with the correct orientation of strike and labeled with the dip? I can find a strike and dip symbol, but I have a whole table full of strike and dip data. How do I tell the program to use the information in the strike column to rotate the strike to the correct orientation? Also if I have multiple strike and dips for a single location is it possible to plot them all close togeather over a single location? I would appreciate all suggestions,
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Subject strike and dips 
Author Tim R 
Date Mar 07, 2001 
Message Julian,
In the legend editor you can click on advanced and you
will see a command for rotation that allows you to choose a
attribute column for the angle. I too am working on this
and figure that I have to create another avl for dips, make
them unique values, make points transparent and create an offset in advanced. or you can (have to?) change the text placement in theme properties, text labels. Good luck and let me know which worked best. Timothy
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Subject strikes and dips 
Author Tim R 
Date Mar 14, 2001 
Message I have another GIS program I use and have wanted to get the strike and dip symbols over. Ihave to create atext file and add it as a table into arcview. Additionaaly I found that my strike line was oriented to North where as Arc View's dip is Oriented to the North. Plus my rotation turned clockwise and Arc view rotates counter clockwise. Theer is a way in Avenue programing to alter this but I am not that comfortable with writing scripts. So , in my spread sheet I Created a formula = 270-(the strike degree). The reason I used 270 was that was the rotaion I needed in Arc View to match my symbol. Then I subtracted because my symbol rotated clockwise which is negative for Arc View. To add this rotation to your symbols, click on advanced in the legend editor and choose which attribute that has the respective rotation values. I'm struggling with being able to auto label the dip value at the end of the dip. There might be another script to write that calls for the avenue command OFFSET. So far I can only alter the text placement in Theme\Properties\text placement and then auto label, choosing the attribute dip and choosing to use the text theme placement properties. Good luck and let me know if you can get a n offset that follows rotation. All The Best Timothy.