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.cls files   Roger Lederman Jun 27, 2003
Re: .cls files   Jason Drost Jul 01, 2003
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Subject .cls files 
Author Roger Lederman 
Date Jun 27, 2003 
Message ArcGIS (8.2) has 5 .cls files that are nearly identical. (Actually us_intsc.cls and stm_int.cls are identitical and the three "addr" files are identical)

I have been using a USStreets with Zone geocoding service and it seems that I need to edit only us_addr.cls to get results. When are each of these cls files used??


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Subject Re: .cls files 
Author Jason Drost 
Date Jul 01, 2003 
Message It all depends on the Geocoding Service you select. Since you are using US Streets geocoding service the usaddr_1.cls file is the classification that is utilized for the standardization of the addresses. To find out which classification file is most likely to be utilized open any of the Geocoding Service Files (.lot) in Word Pad. The FileMAT and FileSTN fields will give you a good idea of which classification file is being utilized. 
  Jason Drost
NorthStar Geomatics, Inc.
Stuart, FL