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Convert/Export Enterprise GIS Data to AutoC...   Scott Brown Oct 13, 2005
Re: Convert/Export Enterprise GIS Data to A...   Ray Carnes Oct 13, 2005
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Subject Convert/Export Enterprise GIS Data to AutoCAD DWG 
Author Scott Brown 
Date Oct 13, 2005 
Message We have a need for converting or exporting data from our enterpise GIS to an AutCAD DWG format for our engineers to work with. We thought ModelBuilder might make this easier, but ArcGIS Desktop may not have all the tools we need to accomplish this.

We are running ArcSDE w/Oracle Spatial and have access to ArcInfo licences. What we would like to be able to do is use ModelBuilder to simplify and automate the process of first reprojecting the data from UTM to State Plane and then exporting it out to a DWG format. An automated batch process would be nice, but right now we can't even get one layer of our data into CAD without exporting it to a dxf (which just doesn't meet our needs).

This may be impossible at this time, but I thought I'd throw this out here and see if anyone else has the same needs as us and has already solved this problem.

  Scott Brown
Sr. GIS Analyst
Chesapeake Energy
Oklahoma City, OK 
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Subject Re: Convert/Export Enterprise GIS Data to AutoCAD DWG 
Author Ray Carnes 
Date Oct 13, 2005 
Message Which tools have you tried using?

ArcGIS with the ArcInfo license can create native DGN (V8) and DWG (R14, R2000, R2004/5) files. With modelbuilder you can add projection tools to automate both projection and translation.

The "To CAD" toolset has four tools used to define the translation to native CAD format.

You can learn about them in the "An overview of the To CAD toolset" topic in the online help:

There are also some ESRI Technical Support articles that explain workflows that translate data into native CAD format.

"HowTo: Create CAD Files from ArcGIS 9.x Feature Classes with the ArcInfo EXPORT TO CAD Tool"

"HowTo: Control Exported CAD Properties Using a Lookup Table"

An hour of your time watching the FREE ESRI Virtual Campus technical seminar "Geoprocessing CAD Data with ArcGIS" may prove very useful. You can get a high level overview of the different techniques available for bidirectional GIS/CAD translation as well as sources of more detailed information and tools.

Overview: The ArcGIS 9 geoprocessing framework contains tools that provide sophisticated and powerful control over GIS and CAD data interoperability. These tools range from the simple ability to select CAD features by attribute and convert them to a new GIS feature class to highly complex geoprocessing models that automate a variety of CAD/GIS translation operations. This seminar will present various methods for converting CAD data into GIS data, as well as options for converting GIS data into CAD formats. Additional discussion will briefly address issues relating to CAD annotation, georeferencing, and transformation, as well as the management of attributes and table schemata.

Details at:

Ray Carnes,
ESRI Technical Marketing.