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Script to export many maps   bert sperling Sep 27, 2005
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Subject Script to export many maps 
Author bert sperling 
Date Sep 27, 2005 
Message Greetings,

I have a list of ~10,000 U.S. cities and towns with coordinates.

I want to write a script that will zoom in on each of these 10,000 cities, one at a time, and export a web-resolution JPEG map of that city's state, showing where exactly that city is located within that state.

So in other words, I want to end up with one map for each of these ~10,000 U.S. cities that shows which state it is in and where that city is located in that state.

These JPEG maps will be used on a free informational website.

I am new to this aspect of ArcGIS and ArcView and I would really appreciate some help.