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Watershed modeling with ArcCN-runoff tool   Riley Chapple Oct 14, 2009
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Subject Watershed modeling with ArcCN-runoff tool 
Author Riley Chapple 
Date Oct 14, 2009 
Message I am reasonably competent with Arc, but have never tried loading scripts from the Arc server. I am trying to load ArcCN-runoff and I am running into issues. What parameters do I need? It says that there should be documentation for all tools, but the readme I got with my download says:

Load the dll (either ArcGIS 8.3 or 9) file; add data, landsoil.shp and index.dbf; use CN Tools to produce curve number and runoff maps. Source codes for both ArcGIS 8.3 and 9 included.

I have loaded the .dll in a new toolbox, but don`t know if I have even set the parameters correctly or what values this script requires for soiltype and landuse.

Is there a newer watershed model available that I haven`t found yet? or perhaps some documentation I haven`t found online?