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codepages - cpg files   Leen D'hondt Jul 03, 2008
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Subject codepages - cpg files 
Author Leen D'hondt 
Date Jul 03, 2008 
Message When I want to join a geometrylayer with a dbf table (which includes a windows codepage 1253), ArcGIS creates a layer in Unicode UTF-8: a .cpg file is created along with the joined layer in which UTF-8 is mentioned.

However, when I change my settings in the registrykey from UTF-8 to 1253, and then join both the geometrylayer and dbf, no cpg file is created and the data are correctly in 1253.

However, in stead of changing my dbdefault settings in the registrykey to 1253, why can I just do not change the .cpg file? This however does not put the characters in the correct code page. I also tried to change UTF-8 to 1253 in the cpg file which was created after joining but this did not change the settings. What settings get priority above what?

Each time I checked the 29-30th bit in the data file header structure (as these are used for the language driver id).
However, I find back the value 57 which should stand for the codepage 1253 (Greek)(I suppose: resulting from the above tests, 1253 should coincide with the hexadecimal value 57 when viewing in for example UltraEdit).
But how can you know these bit values for the different languagecodes?

Thanks a lot in advance for all possible help!
Kind regards,