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compound/complex symbol for pointdata   Erik Sietinga May 27, 2009
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Subject compound/complex symbol for pointdata 
Author Erik Sietinga 
Date May 27, 2009 
Message I have a dataset from wich I would like to represent data from multiple colums in a single symbol wich looks like a pie chart. The symbol would have to be divided in the same amount of sections as there are colums of data. The color of each section would be determined by the value in the corresponding column.

For example:
I have data for the waterquality at a sample site. Four variables are measured. The required symbol would therefore be divided in four sections. If the data is below threshhold_1 the color for the segment of the symbol should be green. If the value is between threshhold_1 and _2 it should be yellow and when it is above threshhold_2 it should be red. If no data is available it should be blank or transparent (only outline of the section visible)

Is it possible to create such a symbol and if so how (preferably using Arcmap 9.3 with ArcView licence))