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Geodatabase Topology   Peter Feinberg Mar 10, 2004
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Subject Geodatabase Topology 
Author Peter Feinberg 
Date Mar 10, 2004 
Message I am currently using ArcGIS 8.3 to digitize and assign attributes for a large project describing discrete geographic areas. As I complete large areas, NYS Counties, I supply my data to a GIS sub-contractor to create coverages and attribute tables.

When the sub-contractor 're-digitizes' the data there are often small but significant shifts in data (up to 9 meters). Coincident nodes on arcs and polygons are not actually coincident (Arcs that I 'snap' to polygon boundaries are not actually coincident). Polygon boundaries often overlap (slop over on to) other geographic features that I had carefully offset by a minimum of 9 meters. Would creating a geodatabase topology solve this problem? Do I need to purchase ArcEditor to do this?

Any guidance for this GIS novice would be greatly appreciated.