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DGN file to create DTM   Shane Zentner Mar 03, 2010
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Subject DGN file to create DTM 
Author Shane Zentner 
Date Mar 03, 2010 
Message Hello. I have been tasked with taking a conglomorate of terrain data including breaklines, mass points, and other terrain building features and converting those features into a DTM shapefile. My plan of attack is to use TerraScan, build a surface, export the surface to an ASCII file format, then use 3D Analyst>ASCII 3D_To_Feature Class to create the shapefile. I have researched the ESRI environment and could not locate anything to create a DTM directly from CAD data. Yes, I can create a TIN from CAD data, however, I need to produce a DTM then produce a grid.

My question is this. Does ArcGIS have a tool that can produce a DTM surface directly from a Microstation file that contains a hodgepodge of terrain data?

Thank you