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ArcFM Stormwater Data model   Laure Bowman Apr 01, 2003
Re: ArcFM Stormwater Data model   Kimberly Steele Mar 01, 2005
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Subject ArcFM Stormwater Data model 
Author Laure Bowman 
Date Apr 01, 2003 
Message I am using the ArcFM Sewer/Stormwater Data Model for sewer and storm drain systems. Most of the feature classes and subtypes seem relative to sewer data and I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to fit existing stormwater data into the model

Has anyone implemented this model for stormwater or know of any more documentation of how to implement this other than the "Inside ArcFM Water" book or the "ArcFM Water: AM/FM/GIS for Water Utility systems" whitepaper?

What did you use for the basic stormwater pipes? Are these collectors? Also, are swales, drainage ditches, channels, and streams all considered open channel with no differentiation? What about stormwater management connectors and drainage connectors?

What really is the FlowMeasurementID for a water line? What are examples of Source for Network Structures?

Any info or references would be appreciated!
Thank you,
Laure Bowman 
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Subject Re: ArcFM Stormwater Data model 
Author Kimberly Steele 
Date Mar 01, 2005 
Message There is a book by Jeff Meyers
Miner & Miner "Building your ArcFM"
p. 970.223.1888
f. 970.223.5577

it might help
  Kimberly Steele