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Making left and right images from DEM data...   Khaled Ali Mar 23, 2007
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Subject Making left and right images from DEM data in ArcMap (for Creating Anaglyphs in Adobe Photoshop) 
Author Khaled Ali 
Date Mar 23, 2007 
Message Hi, I've recently seen a poster in which the author used ArcMap's spatial analyst extension to create hillshade images from DEM data and export the map as tiff image from ArcMap. Then they imported it to Adobe Photoshop and created an anaglyph by altering the Red, green and blue channels. I'm familiar with how to do it in Adobe photoshop. But my question is, how can I simulate the left and right image in ArcMap when making the hillshade. I can change the sun angle but it's not making a big difference. Basically, my question is: using ArcGIS, can I make a realistic left and right image using the same DEM data source? (I've tried using ArcScene but didn't like it because I can not export a very high resolution image from it, hence I want to use ArcMap to export to a high resolution image equivalent to a 36 by 48 inch plot and then use them to make the anaglyphs). Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.