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3d spatial join of borehole lines and resis...   Seth Gering Dec 02, 2008
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Subject 3d spatial join of borehole lines and resistivity points 
Author Seth Gering 
Date Dec 02, 2008 
Message I have two shapefiles: one with borehole data and one with point
values. Both shapefiles are in the same coordinate system and have
defined elevations (pointz and polyzinez). I want to spatially
join the two features so that I can extract the geologic layer to
the point feature. When I run the spatial join command, the output
contains mismatched values that don't correspond to the nearest
feature. The steps I use are as follows:
1. Convert borehole point data to polyline(z).
2. Convert point values to point(z).
3. Run Spatial Join tool from toolbox in order to merge the two
features (one to one, intersect, 0m).
The three files are attached as well as a picture of what I am
trying to do. (opens in new window)