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Quarter/Quarter Sections   Al Alonzo Sep 27, 2006
Re: Quarter/Quarter Sections   Will Ghomi Sep 28, 2006
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Subject Quarter/Quarter Sections 
Author Al Alonzo 
Date Sep 27, 2006 
Message I am looking for VB/VB.Net/VBA code compatible with ArcMap 9.1 that can programmatically divide our Township/Range/Section polygons or a selected polygon into quarter/quarter sections.

This seems to be a frequently requested item, but I have only seen several Avenue versions, and I need something in a more current technology.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- Bufnita Ciumec 
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Subject Re: Quarter/Quarter Sections 
Author Will Ghomi 
Date Sep 28, 2006 
Message I haven't seen any free VBx scripts to do this, but there are a couple of commercial parcel editing products from and

It wouldn't be too difficult to write a script that did a straight bisection, but the problem is when you have non-standard sized sections - for example if the section is only 600 acres instead of 640. The BLM et. al. have various rules for how you're supposed to quarter these irregular sections, which can be different in different parts of the country, so you'd need to look those up - if you're concerned about extreme accuracy. The commercial tools also *should* take these rules into account.