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Three questions on ArcGIS GSAnalyst: Lognor...   Ramani Kandiah Sep 17, 2002
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Subject Three questions on ArcGIS GSAnalyst: Lognormal Cokriging(??)/Kriging Methodology/Trend removal 
Author Ramani Kandiah 
Date Sep 17, 2002 
Message This is regarding the Geostatistical Analyst

1. Has anyone give me any reference on lognormal cokriging? [I wish to know how Geostatistical Analyst algoritham/methodology works for lognormal cokriging]

2. The User guide says, "Remove trend after data transformation." If it is log transformation, then how does it fit? Removing trend in the logged data?

For the above two cases, could anyone provide me examples available in the net or some other source?

3. How is first order/second order trend removal incorporated into the ordinary kriging? (I can understand the universal kriging & first order/second order trend association)

4. Some text books suggest removing trend and doing the varigram analysis for the residual is not right. Why?

5. SI there anyway to save the varigram figure (ESRI says it will be incorporated in ARCGIS 9). I may want to know whether I can reproduce it in some other way.

Thanks in advance.